Ready Set Go Adventures: Staff & Customer Policies

  • Schedules will be posted online via the staff calendar 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • Any time off requests can be directed to Dana. As much notice in advance regarding time off is preferred.
  • If 1 other team member has already taken a particular day off, your request may not be granted.
  • If 2 other team members have already taken a particular day off, your request will not be granted.
  • If you need to call in sick or are unable to complete a shift:
    • Please try to coordinate with another Team Member to cover the shift.
    • Notify Dana as soon as possible, or at least 5 hours prior to the start time of your scheduled shift, along with who will be your substitution.

Continued lateness will not be tolerated. If you're going to be late for a scheduled shift please notify Dana.

Excellent customer service is our top priority. Most of our reviews commend us on how amazing and friendly staff are- this is all thanks to you so please keep this up!

Customer service is the most important aspect of any business. If our customers have a good time during their game, and they are greeted with amazing customer service, it's a double win.

Remember to always maintain a friendly attitude with all customers. At times customers can be rude, obnoxious, and frustrating, however, these are Ready Set Go's paying customers and still deserve to be treated kindly. Even if a customer is doing something wrong, or breaking the rules within the escape room, it does not grant you permission to speak to them with a rude or frustrated undertone.

Unless otherwise instructed, it is strictly prohibited to record any in-room footage as this is a violation of the customer(s) privacy.

When to dismiss customer(s) from the escape room(s) / facility.

3 strike rule:

Strike 1: If there is any indication of aggressive force being used by the customer(s), address it immediately via reminder hint “No aggressive force”.

Strike 2: address it immediately by entering the escape room and telling the group to stop using aggressive force and that it is not tolerated.

Strike 3: Staff will enter the escape room and emphasize that aggressive force is not necessary or tolerated. Kindly tell the person(s) using aggressive force that it is store policy to dismiss individuals from the escape room, and no refund will be given.

Extensive damage to escape room:

  • Re-watch the footage immediately to understand exactly what happened.
  • Enter the escape room immediately.
  • Let the customer know that you have rewatched the in-room footage and have confirmed that they did in fact display aggressive force and that Ready Set Go has zero-tolerance towards aggressive force.
  • Apologetically explain to the customer(s), who caused the damage, that they must exit the game due to the damage. No refund will be given. (Only the customer who displayed  aggressive force is to be removed from the game UNLESS otherwise instructed by management) If the customer is disgruntled and upset over the matter, kindly tell them you are following strict orders and do not have the authority to provide a refund. Invite them to contact us via email and management will get back to them regarding the matter.

In the event of serious in-room damage- Record the incident immediately and send this to Dana or Kyle. It may be necessary to remove the entire group so repairs can be done asap. 

Damage can be avoided by staff vigilantly observing the in-room cameras at all times! Let's catch them before they break it.

3 strike rule:

Strike 1: When customers are noticeably loud, address it immediately via reminder hint “We love your excitement, but please keep it down...”

Strike 2: Remind customers again via reminder hint “We love your excitement, but please keep it down...”

Strike 3: Staff members will enter the adventure to kindly inform the customers regarding their noise level.

If customers enter the facility noticeably under the influence, you have the right to refuse entry into the adventure. Their safety is our top priority. Please note that this only applies to customers who are noticeably intoxicated and you truly feel their safety is at risk entering the adventure.

  • Engage in conversation with the person(s) suspected of being under the influence. Speaking to individuals under the influence with aid in confirming their sobriety. Always remain polite, nonjudgemental, and professional. You may indirectly ask them if they have been consuming alcohol etc. (For example, you can ask them if they have been celebrating an event).
  • It is in the customer’s best interest to refuse entry if: they show signs of being unduly intoxicated, if they are noticeably unstable (unable to stand on their own), shows signs of belligerent conduct and/or speech, or if they are incoherent.
  • Respectfully but assertively explain to the customer(s) that “Unfortunately, we are required to refuse entry into the escape room as we would not want to further jeopardize your safety.”
  • Offer to call a taxi for a safe commute home. If necessary, as they await their ride, politely ask that they wait off-premises.
  • If the customer(s) evades the entry refusal and/or insists on entering the adventure, focus on a friend in the group that is reasonably sober. Explain to them that “It is store policy to prohibit entry into the adventure(s) if individuals are intoxicated as it would be a safety issue.”
  • If they are still combative, depending on the situation, involving law enforcement may be required. Only if all other options have been exhausted.
  • If misconduct is directed towards yourself, and you feel uncomfortable handling the situation, please inform your nearest superior or another Team Member.
  • If uncomfortable, please allow your superior (or another Team Member) to deal with the offender.
  • When speaking to the offender, do not retaliate. Calmly and professionally tell the offender that this type of conduct is not appropriate and will not be tolerated.
  • Notify the offender that repeated misconduct will result in refusing entry to the escape room.
  • If the offender evades the entry refusal and/or the misconduct continues, you may need to take other action. Depending on the situation, involving law enforcement may be required. Only if all other options have been exhausted.